Shoe Designer’s spring favourites

Finally, it is spring in town! A bright sun shines in Kallio which, is a popular district amongst creative young folks of Helsinki. Here also lives Terhi Pölkki, the owner and designer of Terhi Pölkki Shoes together with her man and dog Coco, a little black mixed breed dog that is always with Terhi.

For Terhi her home in a 1960’s apartment house, decorated with vintage findings and timeless Finnish design, is above all a place to relax. When Terhi gets home, she usually kicks of her shoes and prefers to spend her evenings barefooted. Whenever she has any time, she loves to bake or read lifestyle and fashion magazines for new ideas and inspiration. “I also have this funny habit of reading celebrity magazines. Back in the days of my student years in London I was living in a flatshare on Bonner Road in East-London. We didn't have a TV, I found it extremely relaxing to read Hello or Now magazines,” Terhi tells laughing.

When heading to work or going out with girls Terhi likes to wear her own shoes. “I am actually always wearing my own brand shoes but, of course I allow myself to buy running shoes and wellies because I don’t design them myself. If I fancy new shoes I simply design them for myself,” she tells.

Even though Terhi knows months ahead how the new collection will be, she is still super exited when the shoes finally come to the store and she can wear her new favourites of the season.

Terhi Pölkki Spring-Summer Collection 2018 includes many old designs with new finishings. Terhi reveals her own picks for the season.

Fringe sandals originally came out in Spring 2017 and the ruffles were an instant success. I have Fringe mules in black and like to wear them with a cosy pair of Levi’s jeans.”

Emil sandals are my all-time-favourites but, now when it is still too early for open-toe styles in Helsinki, Emil grandpa style offers a covered-up yet more liberating option ideal for the transitional period before spring and warm weather really sets in.”

“This season Gus Sneakers as well as Fiona Babouches got a new finishing in the elegant Doris pattern, which is my favourite design of Johanna Gullichsen. I also have cushions in Doris pattern at home”, Terhi tells.

Read the full story about Terhi Pölkki & Johanna Gullichsen co-operation here.

In Finnish / Suomeksi

Kun kenkäsuunnittelija Terhi Pölkki tulee työpäivän jälkeen kotiin, hän nakkaa kengät jaloistaan ja viettää loppuillan mielellään paljain jaloin. Muulloin hän sonnustautuu (kumisaappaita ja lenkkareita lukuun ottamatta) itse suunnittelemiinsa kenkiin. Uuden malliston saapuminen kauppoihin on suunnittelijasta aina yhtä innostavaa ja joka kerta hän odottaa innolla myös pääsevänsä käyttämään malliston kenkiä itse. Terhi Pölkki SS18-malliston kevätkengistä Terhi valitsi tähän juttuun lempparinsa: Fringe-sandaalit, Emil-sandaalit sekä Johanna Gullichsenin Doris-kuosiset Fiona-babouchet ja Gus-tennarit. Johanna Gullichsenin ja Terhi Pölkin yhteistyöstä voit lukea lisää täältä.

Writer: Selina Vienola