How to find your shoe size

We spend a big part of our lives wearing shoes. That is why finding good shoes that fit is really important. Too small shoes can cause problems like bunions, cramps, back pain, even headache. Too big shoes in turn will cause us to walk in an unnatural and dysfunctional way which can lead to some serious foot problems.

But how to know which size to choose? We have gathered 7 easy steps for you to follow and find your right shoe size.



Tape a piece of paper down to the floor. Place your foot firmly on top of the paper.



Trace the outline of your foot.



Take a ruler and draw a horizontal line across the furthest points at the top and bottom.



Now draw a vertical line across the widest points of the foot.



Measure the horizontal length & vertical width and write the numbers down. Remember to add a bit of extra to the length (around 0.5 cm - 1 cm) to provide space for toes. For example in this case my measure for length was 23.4 cm + 1 cm = 24.4 cm.



Compare your measurements to our size & fit chart that you will find on each of our product on our websitePay more attention to the length than width because the width of the shoe is 3-dimensional and will adjust in use. Select the right size.

Notice that the size charts differ by model.



Now you're ready to shop your favourite shoes in the right size.

P.s. Please don't hesitate to reach out to us if you fall between sizes! Our team can take a look at your measurements, and give you an advice!

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