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Autumn-Winter 2023-24 Collection

Named “in Transit" , the AW23 collection is designed for diverse purposes and weather conditions. We have styles that are transitional from the Autumn season to Spring. Joya boots have the beautiful toe shape, glossy wet-white tanned leather and outsoles that are made of rubber so you can wear them on wet Autumn streets too.

Selection of Winter boots consists of high demand Vibram soles that are perfect when it comes to wearability. Catskill Vibram boots are available with new colours dark brown and cognac. Storm Arctic Grip Vibram boots have waterproof suede uppers and warm 100% merino lining

Merino wool lining is the best option for cold and damp weather as it has really good temperature regulation, moisture absorption and it is sourced sustainably.

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Thank you!
Terhi & Tuuli