Summer in The City

In the Summer Helsinki hidden gems are waiting to be found and Terhi Pölkki promised to reveal her favourite places in the Summer Helsinki.

“Hakaniemi Marketplace has its inimitable ambience. I love to start my summer mornings here, read the paper and enjoy a bowl of morning porridge with a cup of coffee. Even when I head to work I often just pop into a tent café for a quick breakfast.”

“In the summer time Töölö Bay awakens and in the evenings I enjoy walking around as people are dancing, playing and supping on and around the bay. Often, with my dog Coco, we stop by the Blue Villa’s Café for an ice cream. It is situated in the East side of the bay on a hill and from the terrace, the most beautiful view over Töölö Bay is under your eyes.” 

“Cycling home from my studio, Kulttuurisauna in Merihaka is on my way. Here I often meet my friend who lives close by. After a long day, it’s relaxing to have sauna and a dip in the Baltic Sea.”

“If you have few more hours to spend in Helsinki area, I suggest you head to Porvoo. This beautiful small town locates just 50 km away from Helsinki and is wonderful in the Summer. I love the small cafes, great restaurants and antique stores it can offer. One of my best friends lives there and it’s nice to visit her in a sunny summer day and have a walk by the riverside which, is picturesque with old boat houses next to river and old town of Porvoo.” 

And the last tip is to visit in Lonna island. 

“In the small Lonna island, just a stonecast from the old Market Square, you can taste our unique archipelago spirit of Helsinki. Here you can have a drink, enjoy a super good meal or have a sauna – enjoying Helsinki panorama in the north. In south you can see Suomenlinna fortress, one of the Unesco World Heritage sites.”   

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Writer: Selina Vienola