We have been waiting to reveal you the designer collaboration that we've been working on for a while now. The award-winning designer Hanna Anonen created new illustrations from the AW20 collection and now you can finally see the result that we are very excited about.

"It is so nice to see someone else drawing my designs as the products get completely new aspects through someone else's eyes - like here in Hanna's illustrations". Hanna is familiar us already since she is the one that designed the beautiful Cocktail light to our flagship store into the heart of Helsinki. 

The Cocktail light by Hanna Anonen at Terhi Pölkki Flagship Store, Helsinki. Photo credits: Timo Anttonen

Meet the designer Hanna Anonen

Hanna Anonen’s designs are often characterised by playful, innovative forms and her use of colours. She is known for her industrial design work, but she is also working as a spatial designer, having created exhibitions and interiors for a variety of clients. Lately Hanna Anonen has collaborated with Made By Choice and Hakola. But now, let her tell about herself and her inspiration.

Hanna Anonen. Photo credits: Aino Huhtaniemi

Q & A

Hi Hanna, tell us about yourself.
I am a freelance product & spatial designer. Currently I am working for different  product and interior design projects.

What inspires you at the moment?
I get inspired by visual objects and often these common daily things are the once that are most interesting for me. I am also fascinated in various manufacturing techniques and materials that are very inspiring to design.

Plizé boxes. Photo credits: Aino Huhtaniemi 

What is a normal work day for you?
As a freelancer every day is very different. I love the diversity found in freelance jobs since the customers and the fields I work with vary a lot. I love being able to expand my talents in many different directions through each job. So I don't really have a normal work day and actually that is the thing I love the most about being an entrepreneur. Usually I do the designing at my studio and often I am present at the location for example when setting up the exhibitions. 

What’s you favourite piece from Terhi's AW20 collection?
My favorite is definitely the new Sivi clogs in black. The style is very beautiful and modern at the same time.

The AW20 collection launch party will be held the 7th of October at Terhi Pölkki Store in Kämp Galleria, Helsinki. Welcome to meet the designer Hanna Anonen at the store.


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