Anton rain boot, 100% weatherproof

Warm and wet winters got us to create something totally new this season. Cityproof Anton is a rainboot specifically designed for rainy days when you don't want your feet to get wet but still want to look good. Our rain boots are made of 100% natural rubber, it has a wool textile lining and it is manufactured etchically in Slovakia, Europe.

Made of natural rubber

Our rain boots are made of 100% natural rubber. Natural rubber is a renewable natural resource that has excellent features such as elasticity and abrasion resistance. Natural rubber also maintains its softness even in cold weather. However, natural rubber is poorly resistant to oil and high temperatures.

But how to take care of rubber boots? We have gathered some easy steps to help you.

TIP 1 

Wash your boots every now and then with lukewarm water. Use a clean cloth or a sponge and a bit of a soap if needed. Note that if the boots get too grimy, they become hard to clean.

TIP 2 

Avoid using hard brush or other cleaning products.


Always dry your boots in room temperature. Never apply heat or dryer. Storage your boots indoors away from straight light in a chill and dry room.


Use the rubber conditioner to help the boots to restore the original shine of the rubber and preserve its elasticity.

How to use rubber conditioner

  • Always wash your rubber boots before using the product. Use the product only to dry boots.
  • Apply the rubber conditioner with a clean cloth. Wipe it over the boot area as required. Avoid outsoles because the product makes the soles too slippery.
  • Let the boots dry.
  • Polish dry boots with a clean dry cloth.

Now you're ready to take over the streets and forests with your new rain boots!

P.s. Please don't hesitate to reach out to us if you have any questions! Our team is here to help you!

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